Correction: Nobody Was Making Butter Sculptures of Garth Brooks in 1984

Norma Lyon with her butter Obama. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Last month the New York Times wrote a very sweet obituary for Norma Lyon, an Iowa woman who became famous for the sculptures (mostly cows, but occasionally other things like the Last Supper, and Barack Obama) she made at state fairs out of butter. But the paper tells us today that the article contained some significant errors:

An obituary on June 28 about Norma Lyon, who made butter sculptures of cows at the Iowa State Fair, misstated the time frame during which she began making sculptures of other subjects, and the year she made one of the singer Garth Brooks. Ms. Lyon began expanding her repertory beyond cows in the late 1970s and made a butter sculpture of Mr. Brooks, her first of a living person, in 1994; she did not begin expanding her repertory in 1984 with a sculpture of Mr. Brooks.

Hello, Garth Brooks's first album came out in 1989. What, the Times didn't just know that off the top of their heads?

Corrections [NYT]
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