Dan Savage Threatens to Re-Define Rick Santorum’s First Name, Too


Dan Savage wants Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum to stop being mean to gay people, and his first effort — re-defining the word “santorum” to mean something (literally) filthy — hasn’t seemed to work. So he’s coming up with a second threat: Re-defining the word “Rick.” In this Funny or Die video, Savage reads his proposed definition to a series of Ricks to see what they think. The definition starts with, “When a man and a woman have both their genitals fully stimulated [words beeped out] that have that kind of milkiness that comes from day old sweat and [bleep] and they’re in a position where she can’t get her [bleep] back out … ” and continues, until somebody starts crying. That’s both in the definition of the term, and in the video: When former NBA star Rick Fox hears the description of what his name might come to mean, he actually starts to weep. A parade of famous “Ricks” follow, pleading with Santorum to stop being mean to gays, and thereby save their name from a Savage attack.