David Paterson Is Going to Teach a Class on Governing


Former governor Paterson is going to mold young minds at NYU this fall, where he'll teach an honors freshman seminar called "The Teachable Art of Governing." Laugh if you must (Week 1 homework: convince someone to give you free Yankees tickets), but college professors tend to share with Paterson a certain remove from —if not to say bewilderment at — the cruel practicality of the world outside the ivory tower. Plus, the governor's explanation of how he got things done ("done" is a term that we might want to explore alternate meanings of across cultures, by the way) in office sounds like it could do double duty as pedagogical philosophy. "It's using creativity to find a way to get people to work on the same page," he says.

The WSJ:

When he was governor, David A. Paterson likened his job to quicksand and doubted that any executive could bring to heel Albany's notoriously obstinate Legislature. And on Monday, in a radio interview, Mr. Paterson said he was baffled at how his successor, Andrew Cuomo, was able to win the passage of same-sex marriage.

"I could not push the Assembly to do some of the things, particularly on the property-tax cap, the way this governor has done," Paterson said of Cuomo. Those who cannot do, teach, right?*

* We jest, calm down. It was just too easy.

Paterson's Teachable Moment [WSJ]
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