Did Michele Bachmann Get Her Lesbian Stepsister Tickets to the Obama Inauguration?


A lot of press coverage has been devoted lately to GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus “We’re All Heterosexual” Bachmann’s anti-gay credentials. But turns out the couple may have once done a favor for a gay person — unless, that is, you consider trying to “cure” them of their homosexuality a favor, in which case they’ve been doling those out for years. The evidence can be found in a short clip on video-sharing site Vimeo, linked to by the Daily Mail, of Bachmann’s openly gay stepsister Helen LaFave discussing what Obama’s inauguration meant to her and how she got to go.

What caught our attention in particular was when LaFave was asked how she got tickets. Her response: “through one of the Congress people.” While not conclusive, it does strike us as rather much of a coincidence that LaFave just happens to be related to the member of Congress from Minnesota’s 6th district.

Video emerges of Michele Bachmann’s lesbian step-sister Helen LaFave speaking about Obama [Daily Mail UK]