Don’t Ask Paris Hilton If She Is a Has-Been


You’d think you could ask Paris Hilton anything. After all, she’s talked about her sex tape, she’s talked about her many loves, and she’s starred in seemingly endless reality shows about her personal life. But there’s one thing she won’t stand for — questions about her fame, of all things. “Do you worry at times that the people that have followed in your footsteps are overshadowing you?” Good Morning America’s Dan Harris asked her in a segment that aired this morning. He was referencing Kim Kardashian, who seems to have sucked all the air out of the Los Angeles reality scene. Paris said she wasn’t concerned, but when Harris pressed, she’d had enough. “Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?” he asked, prompting Hilton to snicker angrily and then walk off the set of the interview. She eventually returned and talked about her business plan to “reinvent” herself, generally seeming — as she often does in interviews — smarter and more down-to-earth than you think she is. Then she showed off the miniature, to-scale version of her own home she built in her backyard for her seventeen pets.