Elizabeth Smart to ABC News As Permanent Abduction Expert

Photo: George Frey/Getty Images

Remember Elizabeth Smart, the 14-year-old Salt Lake City girl who was kidnapped for nine months by a couple living nearby her home? Well, that was nearly ten years ago, the couple was convicted, and Smart has recovered. She gives speeches and wrote a book and has generally moved on. Until now. Howard Kurtz reports that she'll be helping viewers live through newsworthy kidnappings in a contributor's role at ABC, working for Nightline and Good Morning America.

As Gawker's Seth Abramovitch observes:

Just how insightful do we really need our abduction insights to be before our first cup of coffee? "Okay, Robin, right about now, that girl is in all probability being slid a plate of cold kidney beans through the mail slot that serves as her only window to a world she thinks she'll never see again. Rapes usually begin in the early afternoon, but that can vary. What's that? You need me to wrap up so we can cut to a live performance of 'On the Floor' by J-Lo? Sure thing!"

Personally, I think this is an untapped resource. Why stop at Elizabeth, ABC? Let's get Rihanna back on camera as a domestic-abuse correspondent. And Fantasia Barrino as a teenage-rape consultant. After all, it's not exploiting their trauma if you pay them for it, right?

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