Facebook Finds Two New Ways to Win War Against Homework


As was anticipated, this afternoon Facebook announced a new video-chat system powered by the Internet calling system Skype. With it, you can talk to your friends and loved ones (and have your mother peer at your messy living room over your shoulder) through your computer’s camera, all with the ease of Facebook technology. So for those remaining nine kids with personal computers who didn’t know how to avoid homework and gab to their peers all night without racking up the cell phone bill, good news! Alongside that, this afternoon the social-media juggernaut announced group chat rooms — a one-two punch that basically means kids (and, let’s face it, adults) never have to be in the same room with the people they’re talking to ever again.

Oh, sure, all of this was possible long before Facebook. But isn’t it nice to be able to concentrate the blame?

Call Your Friends Right From Facebook [Official site]