Marriage Equality Is Really Exciting for Some Moms


Intel alum Tim Murphy takes to the Times “Style” section this weekend to explain a new phenomenon: Marriage Equality Momzillas. That is, parents who are so psyched that their queer children will be allowed to marry in New York this weekend that they’ve begun exerting all their pent-up commitment energy on getting them to tie the knot. At last, they’ll get the big frilly, flower-filled wedding they’ve always dreamed of. For example, Lorraine Gray has all sorts of ideas for her stepson Aaron Breslow’s nuptials. “It would be very sophisticated and urban,” she told Tim. “And I would do the food, which would be very foodie California: maybe a mix of Jewish, which we are, and Dominican, which [Aaron’s boyfriend] Dan is. Everything would be lovely and sophisticated and not tacky.” Aaron, for his part, is only 23 and — as a queer theorist — not even sure he wants to get married. But if he did, it would be a little … different. “I want it to be really queer and outrageous and angry, with a punk-rock drag queen playing hardcore music and people being naked.”

You know, if you think about it (and take out the queer part, the angry part, and the naked part) this kind of parent-child wedding conflict is actually rather ordinary. And isn’t that the whole point?

Ready to Wed? No, Mom. [NYT]