Suspected Pennsylvania Gunman Killed by Police


Fifty-one-year-old Mark Geisenheyner, the suspected gunman in a shooting that left 43-year-old Joseph Shay and his 2-year-old son Gregory Erdmann dead on Sunday, was killed Monday in the basement of a rural Pennsylvania home, following a standoff with police. When swarmed by a SWAT team, Geisenheyner, armed with a handgun, reportedly refused to surrender. Officials said Geisenheyner, who had spent over ten years in jail for burglary and insurance fraud, was the lone suspect in the shooting, having been linked to a 2006 fire at Joseph Shay’s father Paul Shay’s country house, where Sunday’s shooting occurred. The fire is believed to have been part of an insurance-fraud scheme that sent Geisenheyner to jail. According to officials, Geisenheyner “had been harboring a desire to seek revenge” against Paul, believing that the elder Shay put him in prison. He ended up shooting Paul in the head on Sunday before killing Joseph and Gregory.

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