Seven Dead After Shootings in Grand Rapids, Suspect Holding Hostages [Updated]


Seven people were reportedly shot and killed at two locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday, before the suspected gunman, 34-year-old Rodrick Shonte Dantzler, fled to a home with two hostages. The bodies of two adult women and a 10-year-old girl were found at one private residence, and the bodies of three adult women and a man were found at another. Police believe the two shootings are related and that the suspect knew individuals at both locations; they reportedly stemmed from an issue between Dantzler and one of the female victims, with whom he had been involved. Negotiators have been in contact with Dantzler. He reportedly demanded a Gatorade and cigarettes, sending one of his hostages out to get the items and releasing her after she fetched them for him. Police believe Dantzler has been snorting an unknown substance. He is still armed, and he is threatening to kill himself.

Live coverage: Police report 7 dead in Northeast Grand Rapids [Grand Rapids Press]
Update: Police say the suspected gunman has killed himself, and the two hostages he was holding are safe. [Detroit News]