Long Island Rabbi Busted by Ex-Wife for Hiring Prostitutes on the Sabbath


Rabbi Avraham Rabinowich, the leader of the well-to-do conservative Bellmore Jewish Center on Long Island, has some awkward Sabbath activities to explain. As part of a bitter custody battle, his then-estranged wife arranged for a private investigator to film Rabinowich’s tryst in a cheap hotel room with a prostitute. (The tapes, from several years ago, weren’t allowed in court, but the ex released them to the Post, just for fun.) The trysts were arranged after services on the Sabbath, via cell phone. “Since when are prostitutes kosher?” the ex-wife, Amora Rabinowich, told the tabloid. “He was coming to court claiming he was this pious individual, but he was using the phone on the Sabbath to meet prostitutes.” Apparently the years have allowed Amora to see humor in all of this. (Though we imagine the rabbi, who had no comment, is not laughing.) “And what kind of rabbi is he?” Amora cracked. “He didn’t even take these prostitutes to the mikvah first!”

The ‘randy’ rabbi [NYP]