Marisa Noel Brown Sued for Making Money Off of Stuff That Wasn’t Hers


It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from the Noel clan, the gaggle of fabulous sisters whose father lost everything after gambling away $7.5 billion with Bernard Madoff. Perhaps they’ve been lying low and cutting down on the family Christmas cards? But today Marisa Noel Brown, an accessories designer, has hit the pages of the Post for yet another matter that will make family trips to Lilly Pulitzer in Greenwich more uncomfortable. She and two socialite partners in her Tre Labs jewelry company are being sued for copying items from competitor Dinosaur Designs. The Dinosaur designers claim that a Tre partner bought originals at their store in Nolita — they have receipts — and ended up displaying copies at a trade show at the Javitz Center. Reps for Tre didn’t get back to the Post with comment

Accessories to a ‘crime’ [NYP]