Mark Zuckerberg Has a Rather Creepy Way of Setting Up a Job Offer


Mark Zuckerberg very famously only eats things he kills himself. Keep that in mind when you consider how you might react, in the first flickering instant, to his sudden, unexpected invitation to take a walk in the woods.

I opened my e-mail one morning and there was a message from Mark Zuckerberg. I almost choked on my coffee,” said the person. “He asked me to come down to the Facebook campus in Palo Alto to discuss possibly working for the company.”

When the visitor arrived, he met Mr. Zuckerberg in his office, and was then immediately whisked away to the wooded trail. More than one potential employee who experienced the same encounter said the entire experience was “pretty disorienting.”

It’s not an isolated incident; it’s how Zuckerberg courts “select potential Facebook employees.” According to the Times, most people are “a little startled by the invite,” but “often” agree. Zuckerberg clearly has thought about the best way to test employees’ willingness to follow him down dark, unknowable paths.

A Walk in the Woods With Mark Zuckerberg [Bits/NYT]