Nancy Pelosi Is Not a Happy Camper


She and John Boehner agree that just about the only way these debt-ceiling negotiations could get any worse would be if they turned into an overnight thing.

“The only thing I hope he doesn’t ask us to do is to go to Camp David,” Pelosi said of the president. “That goes beyond the pale.”

She elaborated when a reporter dared ask her, jokingly, what she had against s'more-making.

"S'mores? No, I'm a Californian. I have five children, nine grandchildren. S'mores are big for us. I'd rather have them at home.

What could be so bad? We were always the type who liked camp; according to Timothy Noah's taxonomy, that makes us "normal." People who didn't like camp, he posits, "tend to have a problem engaging in organized activities of all kinds." Like negotiating the debt ceiling. Perhaps the whole Congress hated camp.

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