Paul Ryan Has Rather Fancypants Taste in Wine

Is that a top note of sweet oak aromas I detect? Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

$350, fiscally imprudent, fancypants taste, in fact. Ryan — of the draconian budget plan — was spotted drinking the very pricey 2004 Echezeaux Grand Cru at a Washington restaurant on Wednesday night. He and his two dining companions went through two bottles of the stuff. No moderate, he! Talking Points Memo has a rather hilarious transcript of an interrogation with Ryan on the matter of his beverage choices.

The receipt shows a charge to Ryan's credit card for $472 — $392 for his meal and the bottle of wine and a generous $80 tip.

"I didn't order — they ordered," Ryan told TPM. "I had one glass, uh, with my water, and when [Feinberg] was talking about how expensive it was, I didn't even know [the price]."

We don't pretend to know whether he was drinking swill or ambrosia, but it's clear that Ryan can now never become president of these here United States.

Rep. Ryan Tastes The Grapes Of Wrath [TPM DC]