Study Finds Countries With ‘Average-Sized Penises’ Grow Faster


University of Helsinki’s Tatu Westling got tired of all his academic cohorts focusing their inquiries into why some countries are wealthy while others are poor by “concentrating on economic, social and political factors” and abstaining from “sexual considerations.” Penis size, he surmised, must play a factor in economic growth. By analyzing the correlation between a country’s GDP growth rate and average penile length, Westling concluded that “the ‘private sector’ deserves more credit for economic development than is typically acknowledged.” He explains:

Critics of the study point out that “penis measurement errors can not be ruled out,” half the world is women, countries were not aware of how their average penis size ranked in comparison to other countries during the years the study covers, “you can stick pretty much anything into the Solow model and get a decent result regardless of whether or not the factor contributes to economic growth in any way, shape or form,” and the analysis is filled with sexual innuendos that detract from its legitimacy. One factor in support of the study, however: Tatu Westling seems pretty ambitious, and we hear he has a tiny penis.

Penis Size vs. GDP Study: Does Male Organ Size Impact The Economy? [HuffPo]
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