Post: They Just Don’t Make Mobs Like They Used To


The New York Post hates having to spill precious ink reporting on sloppily done organized crime. Time was, being a mob hit man stood for something. These things were done nicely, quietly, in the proper location. No more:

This alleged hit man should have watched "The Godfather" a few more times to see how it's done.

Unlike Al Pacino's cool-headed Michael Corleone, suspected Albanian Mafia gangster Bajram Lajqi allegedly blew a planned hit on another gangster because he let his temper get the best of him.

Lajqi turned what might have been a quiet murder on a darkened New York street into a public spectacle in a crowded restaurant, according to an account filed by Brooklyn federal prosecutor Steven Tiscione.

"Alleged" manages to read like an insult there — you wish you could call yourself a hit man.

'Mob hit' is poorly executed [NYP]