Postmaster General Promises to Gradually Stop Pestering Us With Mail


Mail, as you probably have noticed, is mostly useless. You can pay your bills online. You can send greeting cards and correspond with friends online. You can read magazines online. (But you should read New York in print anyway, because … just keep doing it!) Most of your mail these days is probably composed of unwanted credit-card offers and catalogues addressed to the person who lived in your apartment before you. And as it becomes more and more obsolete, the Postal Service is losing money. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe tells USA Today that the Postal Service will lose $8.3 billion this year. Consequently, it may have to stop delivering mail on Saturdays, which would save $3.1 billion a year. Eventually, fifteen years or so from now, they may have to limit deliveries to three days a week. Promise?

Postmaster says days are numbered for Saturday mail delivery [USAT]