There Has Never Been a July 22 As Hot As This July 22


Congratulations, New Yorkers. Your gross, sweaty commute this morning, which immediately negated the shower you took just minutes earlier, was totally worth it. Because New York HAS SET A NEW TEMPERATURE RECORD!!! Today, around 2:10 p.m., the thermometer in Central Park hit 104, easily beating the old July 22 record by three degrees. You just got served, July 22, 1957.

Also, Con Edison recorded its highest level of power consumption ever today. Its customers in New York City and Westchester were using 13,166 megawatts at 1 p.m., topping the previous high of 13,141 megawatts from August 2, 2006. Guess we know who’s the best at wasting electricity, August 2, 2006.

The Heat Starts Early, Then Breaks a Record [NYT]