Sonja Morgan Knows What the World Is Thinking


Sonja Morgan is blaming her 80-year-old ex-husband, John Adams Morgan, for her well-documented financial troubles. The ongoing divorce proceedings are “bitter,” explains the Real Housewives of New York star, because her ex, a descendant of J.P. Morgan and President John Adams, is refusing to pay her a $3 million lump-sum divorce judgment, claiming the judge made him pay more than he agreed to in a prenup. Adams Morgan lives “on a private $19 million island off the coast of Stamford, Connecticut,” Sonja explains, while she’s fretting about whether she’ll have to sell her Upper East Side townhouse. In any case, Morgan knows what’s keeping people up at night:

Indeed. The world thinks nothing else, day in and day out, watching Real Housewives ad nauseum. It’s weird: We’re kidding, but sometimes it seems like that may really be true.

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