The First Lawsuit Seeking to Overturn New York’s Gay-Marriage Law Is Here


One day after New York City witnessed the weddings of nearly 300 gay couples, the first lawsuit aiming to strike down the law that made it all possible has arrived. The conservative nonprofit group New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms has filed a suit in state court that claims the Senate violated open-meetings laws and broke from normal voting procedures to push the Marriage Equality Act through last month. According to the complaint, which Governor Cuomo’s spokesman said “is without merit,” the gay-marriage law was a result of “an out-of-control political process that was willing to pass a bill regardless of how many laws and rules it violated.” Yes, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, a group “concerned about religious liberties and moral values,” is upset about broken rules. Definitely not gay marriage.

Gay Marriage Foes File Lawsuit to Overturn Wedding Law in New York [Bloomberg]