Acrobats Made Williamsburg Bridge Particularly Hipster-y Last Night


You’ll typically see a lot of interesting people when you cross the Williamsburg Bridge, but last night the structure hosted a couple of particularly unique characters. Aerialist Seanna Sharpe and “sometime artist and magician” Savage Skinner scaled the bridge around 7 p.m., at which point Sharpe, aided from above by Skinner and a silk rope, performed fifteen minutes of elegant acrobatics. “My goal is to face my fear and to inspire others to face their fears,” Sharpe said before the performance, which was witnessed by “nearly 100” onlookers, according to The Wall Street Journal. After being captured by police, she, and Skinner, are also facing charges of reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing.

Aerialist Performs Stunt from Williamsburg Bridge Tower [WSJ]