This Whole Debt-Ceiling Debacle Has Been Very Good for Politicians’ Bottom Lines


Would you like to feel even more disillusioned than you already did about the way lawmakers are handling the debate over raising the debt ceiling? Politico takes a close look at the way both Republicans and Democrats have used the stalemate over the national coffers to fill their own. Nothing raises money in politics quite like outrage at the other party’s idiocy, after all, and there’s plenty of that kicking around on both sides. So who’s been more opportunistic in profiting off the crisis? It seems almost unsporting to pick a winner with everyone so flush:

That’s without counting all the money flowing into special-interest groups, who’ve also tailored their pitches to capitalize on all the debt-debate-related bile out there.

So the message that voters are sending the lawmakers stalemating the country to the very brink of financial ruin is keep on keepin’ on, and take a little extra for your troubles. How odd that our nation seems unable to establish a healthy relationship with judicious expenditure.

Pols cash in on the debt debate [Politico]