Tina Brown Wants to Seize the Means of Production


The Daily Beast will launch an online talk show, harnessing the talents of the handful of television producers Tina Brown has hired since her website merged with Newsweek. It will supposedly be a little something like The View and is not at all meant as a redo of Brown's last foray into talk television, Topic [A], which "aired after a block of infomercials." There will also be a studio from which Newsweek/Daily Beast contributors can tape cable hits. The talk show will help the Daily Beast beef up its multimedia cred; while the site has embraced slideshows with nearly unrivaled enthusiasm, it's been less precocious when it comes to videos. No longer.

“It would be good for them to have the resources to do it in-house rather than having to wait for Tina to be booked by CNN,” [a knowledgeable source] added.

And so, like every scrappy upstart hoping for a break, Brown has decided that the way to make it big is to upload her own videos to the Internet. Good luck! We hear people like cute kids, rainbows, and dance-routine supercuts.

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