Warren Buffett Didn’t Want Jamie Dimon to Feel Left Out

Photo: Jed Egan; Photos: PatrickMcMullan.com, iStockphoto

After revealing to the world earlier this week how much he would miss Lloyd Blankfein if the Goldman CEO stepped down, Buffett has some praise to lavish on young Dimon, as well:

“Jamie Dimon is a fabulous banker, and probably writes the best annual report in America,” Warren Buffett said in an interview. “I grab his report when it comes in and my friends do, too.”

Like hotcakes, those things! Now, normally, from the perch of our own hard-earned, hard-boiled perspective on the writing profession, we might warn Dimon not to let such heady praise of one's prose divert a more lucrative career path. But hey, if you can make the work fly off the shelves — and he's clearly got commercial promise! — why not?

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