Watch Al Franken Shred Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery on Marriage-Equality Deceit


Tom Minnery is the executive director of CitizenLink, the political arm of Christian group Focus on the Family. Though Focus on the Family has sort of toned down its anti-gay agenda, CitizenLink boasts on its website about playing a key role in passing the 30-odd state constitutional amendments against same-sex marriage. So it’s natural that he’d be on the Hill today defending the Defense of Marriage Act. (The law is currently under fire by the Respect for Marriage Act, which was recently introduced by California senator Dianne Feinstein and New York representative Jerrold Nadler, and which is supported by President Obama.) What was unnatural, though, was the way he falsely represented a 2010 Health and Human Services study to invent statistics supporting his claim that children of married opposite-sex couples are better off than those of married same-sex couples. Watch as Senator Al Franken calmly and deliberately shreds Minnery on the Judiciary Committee floor.