Which Member of News Corp.’s Board Has the Most Unlikely Résumé?

Photo: Jed Egan; Photos: PatrickMcMullan.com; iStockphoto

Until just moments ago, we would have guessed opera singer and heiress Natalie Bancroft. But then we were tipped off to the existence of Sex and the Single Zillionaire, a romance novel written by Tom Perkins — venture capitalist, Rupert loyalist, and ex-husband of Danielle Steele. The product description explains the work thusly:

Lured from his solitary existence by Jessica James, the smart and sexy producer of Trophy Bride, Steven is smitten and plays along with the TV madness to stay close to Jessie, taping "dates" on his fabulous private jet, the breathtaking slopes of Vail, and his incredible yacht—struggling to show Jessie that he's more than just a zillionaire. But with an engagement ring on her finger from her hot young fiancé, is Steven too late?

Funny, sexy, and at times deeply moving, this debut novel has made waves in bedrooms and boardrooms all across the nation.

Perkins's seemingly intellectually inconsistent support for Murdoch all makes sense now. Perkins is a creature of passion, not logic. He's not just a zillionaire (we're guessing that's an approximation?). He's got feelings, dammit, and he's not afraid to bring them into the boardroom.

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