Who Says America Isn’t Creating New Jobs?

pretty woman posing on poolside
pretty woman posing on poolside

Just today, the Wall Street Journal published an in-depth look at a whole new gig: the tanning concierge. Walk a mile — no, wait, sit poolside at the James hotel — in 17-year-old Harrison Anastasio's shoes.

As concierge, Anastasio must ensure pool patrons remember to turn over at designated intervals to evenly brown their front and back sides.

With his tousled brown hair and athletic frame, Anastasio resembles Tom Cruise, circa “Risky Business.” He politely introduces himself to guests when they arrive on the pool deck, 18 stories above SoHo. Guests decide whether they’d like the teen to gently tap them on the shoulder or send a text when it’s time to turn over.

“Most people like to be texted. It’s less invasive,” Anastasio said. The text comes every twenty to thirty minutes and simply says, “Turn Over.”

There you have it. The new economy will efficiently capitalize on the hard-won skills of our youth: texting.

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