Will Pelosi Be Central to a Debt Deal?


That’s the theory put forth by Nate Silver. Pelosi hasn’t had much of a chance to wield influence since John Boehner took over as House speaker, but if Boehner is unable to convince the more extreme members of his own party to vote for a compromise deal to raise the debt ceiling, he may need to look to the far-left wings of the other party. Pelosi, of course, still exerts a strong influence over the 80 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, who surely are not pleased that cuts to social safety nets have been offered up as a possible compromise, and Boehner would need to secure her cooperation to help push through a deal. We hear Pelosi likes chocolate! And Social Security, so that would have to be some really, really good dessert.

Liberal Democrats Have Leverage on Debt Deal [NYT]