A Seasonal Menu of Political Food References


If you’ve been following politics lately, even (or perhaps especially) on a superficial level, it’s been hard not to notice all the food references floating around. Political types have long loved a good grocery-based dig — Bush I was totally out of touch with everyday Americans because he had no idea what a gallon of milk cost; nothing signified Obama’s sissified elitism like his affection for arugula. But things have accelerated of late: Obama’s calls for a Slurpee summit last November were but a preview of things to come. Political America has never seemed quite so food-obsessed as this summer. At first, we at Daily Intel pondered a way to find a unified theory of political food metaphors. Were there certain signifiers that made Republicans reach for different gustatory comparisons than their Democratic counterparts? Is this a side effect of our nationally disordered approach to eating? Maybe it’s the rise of foodie-ism and the status anxiety with which we’ve invested our diets?

But nothing fit together neatly into a single theory — not all food goes together well, after all. So make your own meal. We’ve put together a seasonal menu, based off of all the various food-related metaphors and incidents of the summer. It’s not exactly farm-fresh: Despite all the talk of trimming the fat from the budget, there are plenty of artery-cloggers here. Pork, you’ll note, while not specifically listed on this season’s menu, is always a specialty of the House. And Senate.

Rep. Paul Ryan
Todd and Sarah Palin
Barak Obama
MIchele Bachmann
Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver
Michelle Obama
Barack Obama
Sen. Tom Coburn and Jay Carney
John Boehner
Tim Pawlenty
Rick Santorum