Accused Wife Killer Was Also Allegedly Con Man to Elderly Sugar Daddy


Last week, 26-year-old Kashif Parvaiz was walking down a quiet New Jersey street with his wife, Nazish Noorani, 27, and their son. They were happened upon by a criminal and shot multiple times — Noorani four times fatally. Parvaiz was also hit four times, but mysteriously escaped with only surface wounds. It didn’t take long for police to figure out that the shooting was likely staged, and that Parvaiz had planned it with the shooter — his secret girlfriend, Antoinette Stephen. But that wasn’t all of the evil manipulation involved in this story: The Post reports today that just before the shooting, Parvaiz had come into a good deal of money through a real estate deal made by an elderly, wheelchair-bound gay man he’d been allegedly conning.

Despite his family’s objections, 74-year-old Martin Ragusa had signed over his 30 percent share in a big Queens apartment building to Parvaiz. The papers for the sale of the building had just been signed — sending an estimated $2 million Parvaiz’s way — a mere hours before Stephen gunned down his wife. According to the tabloid, the handsome Parvaiz had weaseled his way into Ragusa’s life, convincing the man to pay for “tuition” at Harvard and Columbia — two schools Parvaiz didn’t even attend. Last week, Ragusa was crying over the shooting of his friends, but this week he wouldn’t comment to the Post.

NJ hubby got $2M share of apt. building before wife’s murder [NYP]