Alec Baldwin Makes a Good Case Against Being the Mayor


Alec Baldwin’s claim that he does not intend to run for mayor in 2013 has not stopped people from asking him about his political ambitions. Baldwin, for his part, is generally happy to keep the discussion going, and his appearance on the Late Show last night was not an exception. However, the prospect of settling into Soho with 27-year-old Hilaria Thomas seems to have put a damper on his desire to take on the gritty life of a New York City mayor.

As he pointed out to David Letterman, the responsibilities attendant to a mayorship tend to make it hard to take spontaneous vacations abroad with your yoga-instructor girlfriend. Instead, you end up spending a lot of time holding down the fort in Queens: “Running for mayor is something I’d love to do,” he said. “But, think about this: Would I rather be handcuffed to the emergency command center in Maspeth during a hurricane … or would I rather spend some of that 30 Rock money traveling the world with my girlfriend?” Fair enough, Alec! As those who have traveled to FedEx’s World Service Center in search of a missed package can tell you, Maspeth truly is the worst.