Anders Breivik Reenacts His Killing Spree in Norway


In a grisly, painful scene, Norwegian police brought mass murderer Anders Breivik back to the scene of his crime on the island of Utoya on Saturday, where a youth camp had been meeting on July 22 when he went on a gruesome shooting spree. Breivik walked police through his actions, re-creating his every move while safely tethered to security officers. He used his hands to demonstrate how he fired his gun, and the whole encounter was videotaped for future use by prosecutors. Breivik admits to his crimes, but claims they were necessary in order to block the spread of multiculturalism in Norway. Meanwhile, a local paper today reports that despite the fact that the victims were unarmed and unprepared, some of the campgoers fought back during Breivik’s assault the only way they could — by throwing rocks.

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Norwegian massacre gunman Breivik in macabre reconstruction as police take him back to island where he killed 69 [Daily Mail UK]