Anderson Cooper Is Totally Overwhelmed by Gérard Depardieu’s Urine


Since Hurricane Katrina, CNN viewers have become used to watching Anderson Cooper lose control of his emotions on camera. When faced with famine, destruction, and human tragedy, his normally squinty face will crumple even further and tears will slip out of the corner of his eyes. He’ll take a moment to compose himself, and then he’ll bravely press on. That’s the reaction he has here, in this segment from last night’s show, except the cause of his on-air meltdown wasn’t starvation in Somalia, or even the destruction of America’s barely functioning political system. No, the key to his undoing last night was the story of Gérard Depardieu peeing on the floor of an airplane. Anderson and his writers cooked up so many puns and pee jokes in one RidicuList segment that the anchor himself couldn’t handle it. Watch the video and marvel as a man with such enormous biceps reaches such a high octave of giggle.