Brooklyn Snubbed by Apple Again


Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz is tired of being blown off by Steve Jobs. “I seriously just don’t get it,” the Beep said today, following the announcement that Apple had declined to set up shop in new retail space coming to downtown Brooklyn’s Municipal Building. After all, Markowitz has been lobbying for a Kings County Apple store for a while, even going so far as to purchase an iPad with which to extend a personal, must-see video invitation to the sleek computer giant’s CEO. Reportedly, no one ever got back to him.

It does seem a little strange that Brooklyn lacks a Genius Bar, considering its residents’ well-publicized affection for displaying Apple products in coffee shops and the like, but we’re sure Jobs has his reasons for staying out of New York’s most populous borough. Is one of them a desire to play hard-to-get with Marty Markowitz? Well, two can play at that game! As MM told reporters, Jobs and his operation simply “won’t reach the big-time until Apple finally opens a store” in Brooklyn. Your move, Steve.

Marty Markowitz wants to know why Apple won’t open a store in Brooklyn [NYP]