Bloomberg: Criminals ‘Don’t Read The Wall Street Journal


The mayor responded to rising crime in parts of New York City — which includes a spike in 34 out of 76 police precincts — by shrugging off the suggestion that unemployment and overall economic malaise have anything to do with it. “People who commit crimes don’t read The Wall Street Journal,” Bloomberg insisted, ignoring the fact that the man who owns the Journal isn’t exactly clean these days. Not only that, but Bloomberg used the same line in 2009, when he told Wolf Blitzer more specifically, “People that go out and murder people don’t read The Wall Street Journal.” The New York Times disproved him then, citing a murderous stockbroker and quoting a sociologist who said, “Every recession since the late ’50s has been associated with an increase in crime and, in particular, property crime and robbery, which would be most responsive to changes in economic conditions.” The mayor must have been unconvinced.

NYPD: Crime Spikes Dramatically In Parts Of Big Apple [CBS New York]