Bloomberg Would Cover the City in Cameras If He Could


The mayor likes the ones from Hollywood and the ones for traffic. Bloomberg held a press conference yesterday to celebrate the 23 new television shows filming locally, crediting the industry with supporting “4,000 local businesses, 100,000 jobs and $5 billion for the local economy,” the Daily News reports.

And when asked about the other local filming already occurring, the mayor said that he would put cameras “on every corner” if he was allowed, including the red-light cameras that automatically ticket drivers in violation of the speed limit. The ones previously approved in New York City brought in $52 million last year, but additional robot enforcers would require legislation from Albany. Bloomberg has an alternative idea to shame those violating traffic laws: “Maybe what we should do is do it and start publishing in the paper who does it, and then a list of the senators and assemblymen who keep us from having cameras.”

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