Cab Driver Threatened to ‘Break the Face’ of Passenger Who Wanted to Go to Brooklyn


Apparently the threat of higher penalties is still not enough of an incentive for some cab drivers to make that harrowing journey from Manhattan into an outer-borough. One cabbie caught on video over the weekend even tells his Williamsburg-bound passenger to “get the fuck out or I’m gonna break your face.” The most amazing part of the incident, though, is that the request to drive slightly into Brooklyn seems to have convinced this particular cab driver to find an entirely new occupation, on the spot. The passenger’s account, via Gothamist:

He drove us about a block when he then pulled over to the curb and told us to get out (forcefully) and that he wouldn’t drive us to Brooklyn and he was quitting his job and going back to school.”

Video: Cabbie To Brooklyn-Bound Fare: “I’m Gonna Break Your Face!” [Gothamist]