Chris Christie Called Bloomberg a ‘Putz’ and ‘Napoleon’ Over 9/11 Ceremony


New Jersey gets no respect, at least according to Chris Christie, who was pissed that Mayor Bloomberg didn’t include the state’s 9/11 governor in the forthcoming tenth anniversary ceremony. Ex-governor Donald DiFrancesco is part of the event now, but only after Christie reportedly exploded about the mayor, calling him “Napoleon,” “a dictator,” and a “putz,” earning low marks for creativity and likely disappointing his foul-mouthed constituency. DiFrancesco was gentler, telling the tabloid, “I think it’s just an oversight. Am I disappointed? Yeah. But on the other hand, I’m a big boy.” Also, a big boy? Leave it to the Post to make the obvious fat joke: The current governor “thew his weight around,” and got the thing done. “Though former Governor DiFrancesco hadn’t asked to speak at the previous 9/11 memorial ceremonies, the New Jersey’s Governor’s Office asked on his behalf this afternoon,” a Bloomberg spokesman basically sighed.

Chris muscles Mike on 9/11 invite for pol [NYP]