Christine O’Donnell Doesn’t Have to Answer to Piers Morgan


Now that she’s got a book to promote, Delaware’s wildest tea partier is back on the circuit. And, as Piers Morgan learned the hard way, she has lost none of her old charm. O’Donnell sat down with the CNN host on Wednesday night to discuss her memoir, Trouble Maker, but she did not stay long. The interview opened with a vintage clip of her appearance on MTV’s Sex and the ‘90s, in which she shares her anti-masturbation views with other nineties-styled youths, and quickly devolved from there. When Morgan started asking the tough questions (“Have you committed lust in your heart?”; “Why are you being so weird about this?”), Christine got evasive and hand-gesturey and, eventually, indignant enough to call Morgan “a little rude” before abruptly leaving the set. Apparently, she had somewhere else to be. (That is really what she said).

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