Cosmopolitan Launched a ‘Cosmo for Guys’ iPad App


It features exactly what you would expect from the people behind the classic lady mag: corny advice, Kim Kardashian, and tons of sex tips. But because it’s a futuristic product, customers can actually hear what a woman faking an orgasm sounds like and even view a 3-D diagram meant to help dudes locate the mythic G-spot. (It’s called “G-Spotter.”)

Although Cosmo editor Kate White claims she doesn’t “have much hope for the frat boy,” the app teaches men to wonder about their lady, “Does she make bank?” and then quotes from Anchorman. In other ways, CFG: Cosmo For Guys is exactly like the women’s magazine but with the pronouns swapped. For instance, the “memorable goodbye” — we hear both men and women love it.

What’s in Cosmo for Guys, the iPad Magazine? [Hairpin]