Could a Republican Be Elected to Fill Weiner’s Seat?


A new poll out today shows that Republican Bob Turner is running just six points behind Democrat David Weprin in the special election that will be held for the open congressional seat in New York’s District 9. Turner is actually running ahead of Weprin with Brooklyn voters, but most of the district lies in Queens. The gap is a surprisingly small one, though most voters seem unlikely to be swayed: Just 15 percent of those polled said they might potentially change their minds before Election Day. Although Turner has made support for Israel a key part of his platform — and secured the vocal support of former mayor Ed Koch for doing so — he’s still running behind with Jewish voters, traditionally a Democratic constituency.

The poll’s most surprising revelation, though, is just how beloved Koch is in the district, where he has a 69 percent approval rating, nearly twenty years after he failed to win reelection. Maybe they really like his movie reviews there?

Republican Turner Within Striking Distance In N.Y. Special [Hotline/National Journal]