CPAC Banning Gays for Real This Time Around


Remember when that much-hyped boycott of the Conservative Political Action Conference over the participation of a Republican gay group flopped earlier this year? Anti-gay groups with “family” in their names said they wouldn’t attend if GOProud did, but organizers — encouraged by right-wing pundit Andrew Breitbart — stood their ground. This time around, however, the anti-gay forces have won out. Under CPAC’s new leadership, GOProud is once again banned from the conference. And just as social conservatives protested the decision last time around, now libertarians are protesting this one. Breitbart’s in the fight again, boycotting the event that he congratulated only last year for its openness. But CPAC organizer Al Cardenas is uncompromising.

It’s too bad. Cardenas is from Miami. Doesn’t he know how much fun a big gay dance party can be?

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