Dad of Hudson River Murder-Suicide Victims Sues City for $80 Million


Remember the insanely tragic story of LaShanda Armstrong, the mom who felt so trapped by her life she drove her minivan into the Hudson River and killed herself and three of her children? The only survivor was her 10-year-old son, Lashaun, who managed to swim to safety. In the wake of the tragedy her friends blamed her on-again, off-again boyfriend Jean Pierre, who was negligent in his child support payments and was once arrested for child endangerment after abandoning their 2-year-old barefoot and shirtless on the street in the dead of winter. Jean Pierre was also perpetually unfaithful to LaShanda, was verbally abusive, and had fought with her the night of the incident. And when it came time for the funeral, he barred her relatives from attending. Anyway, you may have blocked all that out because it was too horrible to face, but just so you know, that guy is now suing the city of Newburgh, New York, and Orange County for $80 million for not having built barriers that “might have prevented the horrific incident.”

Van-slay poppa’s payday [NYP]