Democrats Make First Selections to the Debt All-Star Team


The bicameral, bi-partisan, twelve-person “Super Committee” tasked with finding $1.2 trillion in debt-reduction through reforms to entitlements and taxes has its first members, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has reportedly selected 

[Booming NBA public address announcer’s voice]

At guard, in her fourth season out of Washington State, the team captain, Senator Patty Muuuuuurraaaaaay.

At forward, in his seventh Senate season, the Montana Maniac, Senator Max Bauuuuuucuuuus.

At center, in his fifth season, from Massachusetts, 2004 Democratic MVP, Jooooooooooooohn Keeeeeryyyy.

[End booming NBA public address announcer’s voice]

Seriously though, it’s solid group.

Source: Democrats Murray, Baucus, Kerry on Super Committee [National Journal]