Don’t Complain, Just Get a Limo Already


Between 4 and 6 p.m., the city has turned the parking spaces outside of two Trump Place buildings on Riverside Drive into a limousine-only lane, possibly the first such designated area outside of a residential building. Many people are not thrilled about this. These are mostly, but not entirely, the same people who drive the unsightly Honda and Volkswagen that are being towed to make room for the rush-hour fleet of black cars. According to a Community Board representative, there were already so many black cars idling in front of the building that the new lane seemed like the best way to make sure none of them resorted to double parking and thus blocking traffic. Predictably, though, taxis are now double parking in front of the limos and traffic is not behaving as hoped. At least now it’s a color-coordinated snarl directly in front of Trump Place.

No Parking From 6 to 4, but Limos Are Welcome [NYT]