Don’t Worry, the ‘Super Rich’ Are Just Fine


Amid market chaos and uncertainty, really wealthy people are still doing great. While basic investors ride on a roller coaster, their pension funds and portfolios rattling at every turn, “those able to meet the multi-million dollar investment thresholds of private equity and some hedge funds” are still cruising in their metaphorical Bentleys and “coming out ahead,” Reuters reports. “You’ve got so many investment opportunities that are open only to very rich people,” one financial adviser said, we imagine somewhat smugly. “The super rich are doing very well. They’re getting good advice, they’re getting access to stuff that other people don’t have access to.” The bragging goes on, but you should never for a second doubt the exclusivity of this club: “It still remains the domain of the kind of client that can write a million dollar ticket or more.”

Super rich still making money in crisis [Reuters]