Ever Wondered How Rick Perry Gets That Hairdo?


Yesterday, Slate press critic Jack Shafer tweeted, “Every 61-year-old man wants to know: Where does Rick Perry get his hair done?” Well, Jack, you may jest, but we take questions like that very seriously here at Daily Intel. We dug up this short video of Governor Perry getting a haircut last September from a woman named Dixie, who is “good with the scissors and laughs at his jokes.” It offers a tantalizing glance inside the salon where the swoop gets made, without divulging too many trade secrets for those who want to imitate The Rick. The filmmaker very badly wants there to be an easy rapport between Dixie and Perry, who apparently declare their platonic love for each other at the end of each haircut — after all, Sarah Palin’s hairdresser is getting her own TLC mini-series — but their conversation seems as if it might flag from time to time (“We have our World War II stories,” he says, with a blank look in his eyes). Below, see if you can spot Governor Perry’s rarely discussed bald spot.