Everybody, Meet Joe


Over the past week, many of you may have noticed a new byline here at Intel and wondered if we have a new family member. It’s true! The bright and funny Joe Coscarelli has joined us from the Village Voice as an assistant editor. He’ll cover breaking news, politics, media, Internet culture, and all the rest of the things for which you come to Daily Intel, like rich people doing stupid things and legal fights over cuddly dogs. Back at the Voice he co-wrote the Runnin’ Scared blog, and he’s also contributed to the Los Angeles Times, BlackBook, Gawker, Spin, Salon, and Rolling Stone. He graduated from NYU and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Obviously we can’t tell you exactly where because we like to restrict your lovable, ad hominem heckling and unwelcome sexual overtures to where they belong: in the comments.

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Intel Joe.