Faye Dunaway Does Not Appreciate Your Insinuation That She Is Being Evicted


I have not been evicted,” the Oscar-winning actress said, in one of three voice mail messages for a Times writer, in response to a story yesterday that reported she stood to lose her rent-controlled apartment on the Upper East Side. “I have chosen to leave because of the state of the apartment, and also because I am spending less and less time in New York.” Dunaway’s landlord, she griped, “refused to paint the house, and bugs were everywhere.” From the way the story’s written, it seems like we’re supposed to get the impression Ms. Dunaway was a little snippy on the phone. In addition to negligence, she accused her landlord of greed and of having “no class.” In response, the landlord played the Times messages to him from Dunaway as well. “I hope you need that money like crazy and you’ll give it to poor people,” she raged in one. “I hope you have a terrible life.”

Makes you understand why, when describing her in their last article on this issue, the Times cited her movies Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown, and Network, and this time around, they only name-dropped Mommie Dearest.

Actress Says She Can’t Be Evicted Because She Moved Out [NYT]